Bibby Hydromap

Bibby HydroMap (formerly Osiris Projects) is a geophysical and hydrographic survey company with over 20 years’ experience in the marine survey industry. Owning and operating a fleet of advanced, custom build vessels with operations ranging from offshore to inland, all vessels are permanently mobilised with the latest in high-specification positioning, marine survey, scanning and photogrammetry equipment. Combining marine and terrestrial survey techniques, Bibby HydroMap can provide a BIM compatible full 3D point cloud image of assets both above and below the water line along with hydrographic scour monitoring from the same vessel simultaneously.

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Innovation Documents

  • Achieving Enhanced Survey Validation for Marine Asset Integrity Through BIM (429.46 KiB)

    Utilising advanced survey techniques developed over 20 years’ in the hydrographic and geophysical survey industry, Bibby HydroMap are able to demonstrate a step change above traditional methods of marine asset integrity surveys which can no longer satisfy modern requirements for high resolution, repeatable, BIM compatible datasets, if indeed they were ever able to do so.